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mauritania expedition


14 days

standard bivouac

10 people


Roads in Mauritania end with the Ocean or the Sahara desert. Time in Mauritania is running out today, but it has started an infinitely long time ago. Due to the fact that for centuries, after the end of the caravan era, few have looked at it.

We will see a wonderful desert with majestic sand dunes, picturesque oases with palm groves, the largest monolith in Africa and the ocean coast crowded with colorful birds. We will travel back in time to the cool, medieval library and old mosque.

But most of all, we will experience a real adventure - an adventure of traveling and tasting the life of modern Mauritania. After returning, you will pick up the crayons and draw Mauritania in an empty, unknown place on the map of Africa.

14 days' adventure

For two weeks, we will look almost everywhere we can look at during this time, and a few more places.

standard bivouac

A small group. Accommodation in modest hotels and inns. There will also be nights in the desert. Full board.

maximum adventures

Sahara and the ocean, oases and fishermen, you will travel by the most famous train in the world and the mysterious Eye of the Sahara.

everything included

The price already includes everything you need on site. Hotels, guides, meals, admissions.

Mauritania - nature and tradition

When going to a new, unknown place, it is difficult to imagine what to expect. Mauritania will surprise you, that's for sure. With the beauty of nature and fantastic traces of a thousand-year-old culture. The kindness of people and a joyful adventure. Mauritania is unique.

expedition plan

Maximum program - I usually do. But there will also be a moment for respite.

Day 1. Nouakchott - the capital of Mauritania

Departure to Nouakchott - the capital of Mauritania. Today the city has around a million inhabitants, but just 70 years ago it was a small fishing village. After arriving and resting at the hotel, we set off for a walk around the driest capital in the world - located entirely in the Sahara desert. Overnight in Nouakchott.

Day 2. A walk in the Amatlich dunes

The first active attraction of our trip is a walking tour of the high Amatlich dunes, one of the most beautiful in this country. We're setting up a camp. We spend the night under one of the dunes. Camping in Amatlich.

Day 3. Saharan village of Mhaireth, Amojjar Pass and Chinguetti

In the morning we go to Mhaireth - a village wedged between the slopes of the plateau. There you can see straw houses, surrounded by fences made of thorn bushes. The village is surrounded by a large palm grove. The inhabitants live here as they did centuries ago, cultivating small plots of land and raising animals. Then Chinguetti. On the way, amazing views from the Amojjar Pass to the Adrar Plateau. Due to its long history and unique location, Chinguetti has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List along with the other three settlements in Mauritania. During our trip we will visit two more of them. Overnight in Chinguetti.

Day 4. Chinguetti and a magical journey to the middle ages

Chinguetti was founded in the 8th century. The city grew rich thanks to its location on the caravan route. It was also the place where pilgrims stopped on their way to Timbuktu and even Mecca. One of the most important Koranic schools in West Africa was founded here. We will see an old mosque (one of the oldest in the Muslim world) and a unique medieval library with priceless manuscripts. In the evening we will go to the surrounding dunes to admire the sunset over the Sahara desert. Overnight in Chinguetti.

Day 5. Ouadane, where the road ends

Drive to Ouadane in the morning. This is another historical place that we will visit, entered on the UNESCO list. The city in the desert has for centuries played a significant role in the transportation of gold and salt in the Ghana Empire. We will see the ruins of the old part of the city, located on the slope leading to the valley, from the times when caravans roamed this area. Today Ouadane is a quiet place where the road ends - then there is only an endless desert. In the area, we walk through the nearby dunes and watch another amazing sunset. Overnight in Ouadane.

Day 6. Kalb ar-Rishat or the Eye of the Sahara and Tergit

Kalb ar-Rishat - a round, crater-like structure known as the Eye of the Sahara. It measures almost 50 km in diameter and is perfectly visible from space. We will try to discover the structures of Rishat and its mysterious geological past - it is still unknown what it really is. Around Rishat, for hundreds of kilometers, there is an uninhabited area where you can feel like an explorer. Overnight in the Tergit oasis.

Day 7. Tergit - Choum - Ben Amera monolith

Early in the morning we take the road to Ksar Tourchane; we cross the pass and head to Szum (Choum), a station in the desert, where we meet the world's longest train (almost 2.5 km long) that connects Zouérate with Nouadhibou. Lunch is on the way. Along the track and the dunes we drive towards the Ben Amera monolith. Walk around the monolith and the rocks carved by nature. Camping in the dunes. Willing people will spend the night traveling on the longest train.

Day 8. Ben Amera - Timichatt - Tuajil - Bou Lanouar

In the early morning, departure along the track. We will take daredevils traveling by train. Lunch on the way. At the end of the day, we reach Boulanouar. Dinner and overnight at the campsite.

Day 9. Nouadhibou - Ship Cemetery and Cap Blanc

Arrival in Nouadhibou in the morning. Then, visiting the second largest city of Mauritania. We will see the famous ship cemetery in Nouadhibou Bay and then drive to Cap Blanc (Cape White) to see the pristine white sand beaches. If we're lucky, we'll see the world's only large colony of endangered seals - the Mediterranean monk seal. Overnight at a hotel in Nouadhibou.

Day 10. Banc D'Arguin National Park, Arkeiss - people of Imraguen

Today we will visit the Banc D'Arguin National Park, the only natural attraction of Mauritania entered on the UNESCO list. It is a unique place where the land meets the ocean, creating vast backwaters, periodically flooded islands and sandbanks. Due to its high biodiversity, this place was chosen by birds migrating from Africa to Europe. You can see here, among others flamingos and pelicans. Transfer to Arkeiss, a village inhabited by the Imraguen people, descendants of Bafour - the original inhabitants of Mauritania. Their traditional methods of fishing with dolphins have not changed for hundreds of years.

Day 11. Iwik and Nouamghar or a weekday by the ocean

Transfer to Iwik, another settlement dependent on fishing and inhabited by the people of Imraguen. We will have the opportunity to observe the residents at work and on a daily basis. Then we will go to the largest settlement in the National Park and its seat - Nouamghar. More ocean views, endless beaches and backwaters full of sea birds await us. Transfer overnight to Nouakchott.

Day 12. Relax in Nouakchott

It will be a day to rest. We will go to the Fish Market - the beating heart of the oceanfront district where seafood is sold straight from the boat. It is a very authentic, lively and interesting place. In the area, we will walk along the Atlantic beach, then we will go to the vicinity of the Saudi Arabian Mosque - the most representative in the city. Afternoon drive to the beach. Rest. Overnight in Nouakchott.

Day 13. Nouakchott and departure back home

We will visit the National Museum - the largest of its kind in Mauritania, where we will see ancient items that testify to the long past of this area. The exhibits come from places we visited before. Free time in the city center. And rest before returning to Poland. Departure in the evening

Day 14. Back home


Ceny wypraw zawierają wszystko, co niezbędne do realizacji imprezy. Żadnych dopłat na miejscu. Po prostu fair.

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2 100 EUR

+ bilety lotnicze

included in the price
  • Accommodation in hotels,
  • All meals,
  • All attractions and permits,
  • Transport on site (4x4),
  • Expedition equipment,
  • Local drivers and English-speaking guide,
  • Experienced Polish pilot,
  • NNW and KL insurance,
  • Contribution of TFG / TFP.

not included in the price
  • Flight tickets to Nouakchott,
  • Visa - EUR 55 at the border,
  • Personal expenses,
  • Tips.

dates and booking

Choose a convenient date for you and send us a reservation. We will call you back with details.

september / october 2022
24 September - 7 October 2022

2 100 EUR
per person

    Available: 10
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