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SAHARa expedition

+ tuareg festival Sebiba

Tassili n'Ajjer, Algeria

14 days

Standard bivuoac

10 persons


Sahara. Few names contain so many legends, childhood dreams of traveling, romantic stories, and real human drama. When you set out on a several-day journey around Tassili n'Ajjer, you open the pages of an unusual and colorful story: about the land of caravans, smugglers, romantic travelers and extremely hostile to humans.

14 days

Maximum program: we use off-road vehicles to reach places that are rarely visited.

standard bivuoac

We spend the night in tents in the desert and the field kitchen will serve local dishes.

best program

We also reach places outside the standard hiking trail.


The best price of the trip and no additional payments on site. Take only small ones as souvenirs for your trip.


During the trip, there will not be two days alike. Every day a different landscape, new impressions and a fresh dose of positive energy.

watch a SHORT report

Just a small part of the adventures and views that participants of the expeditions share.


The program of a trip to Algeria includes maximum attractions in the desert! And breaks for a moment of rest. Special August edition - 2 days of participation in the Tuareg Sebiba festival!

Day 1. Flight Algiers - Djanet

The beginning of the trip. We get on the plane to Djanet. We arrive after midnight - the first night in a hotel in Djanet.

Day 2. Djanet & Oued Tigherghart

After breakfast, we start our adventure - visiting Janat and visiting the bazaar. Later, we drive the cars towards Tadrartu. First of all, the first of the famous attractions of Tassili n'Ajjer - the petroglyph of "crying cows" in Oued Tigherghart. We set up a camp just 100 meters from it, so it will be possible to admire how it changes depending on the position of the sun.

Day 3. Entering Tadrart: Oued Indjaren

We reach the Oued Indjaren gorge - here, sheltered from the influence of the weather, numerous paintings and petroglyphs are perfectly preserved. Dinner and camping.

Day 4. le Catedrale rock & Moul n'Aga

Breakfast and the next day begins: the direction of Moul n'Aga - a maze of canyons winding among the rocks and the majestic rock wall - Le Catedrale. During the day we will climb the dunes to admire the vastness of this amazing landscape of sand and rocks from above. We will take a closer look at the spire of the Moul n'Aga rock. Overnight at a campsite at the foot of the great dunes.

Day 5. Red dunes of Tin Merzouga

It is worth getting up for sunrise (not so early) and going for a walk through the dunes covered with exceptional morning light. After breakfast, Tin Merzouga - majestic red sand dunes dotted with single rocks and sandstone rock castles. One of those views that will never be forgotten. From the great dune of Tin Merzouga, we admire the unique view of the sunset over Tadrart. To be remembered for a lifetime.

Day 6. Tikobauine rock maze

Breakfast and we head towards Tikobauine, we leave Tadrart and go to Janat. We fill up fuel and water, and replenish our food supplies. And a shower. We stop for a camping at the famous "elephant" rock in Tikobauine. We go for a walk among the rocks and admire their color in the light of the setting sun.

Day 7. Sacred canyon of Essendilene and Erg Admer dunes

Another day in the desert - including Neolithic tombs. We reach the sacred canyon of the Tuareg - Essendillene with its picturesque walls, the guelta (lake) and the oleander forest. Lunch in Essendilene, under a hundred-year-old tree. A campsite under the Erg Admer dunes. We climb to the top of one of them to admire the sunset on the sea of ​​dunes stretching to the horizon.

Day 8. Camels, rock carvings at Dider and Ihrir

In the morning we sit down on the camels and head towards the village of Borj el Houas. Ahead of us is a solid dose of camel adventure.
After lunch, we go to Dider, where we will admire one of the oldest rock carvings, including the antelope, which was on the most popular Algerian banknote - 1,000 dinars.
Stąs is close to the Indjaren canyon and the Ihrir oasis. Camping and dinner at Taset.

Day 9. Aharhar gorge and Tuareg villages

We move towards the Fadnoun plateau and the northern part of Tassili, rarely visited by tourists. Today, completely different landscapes. We reach the Oued Aharhar gorge through the stone desert (hamada). An exceptionally picturesque place, covered with palm trees and oleanders, with a few Tuareg villages. We will also drive through an amazing burnt palm grove. Dinner and overnight camping in Afara.

Day 10. Afara mountains i Akareker

We leave Afara towards the south, admiring the unusual shape of the mountain of the same name. We reach Akareker - erosion has created unique rock forms here: huge boulders that look like giant potatoes, were stacked by nature one on another, resembling a giant toy. Tazat camp and dinner.

Day 11. Timghrasse

We continue to the south admiring the unusual rock formations connected with numerous dunes. There is also a hamada on the way. Overnight in Timghrasse, among huge rock outliers.

Day 12. Tuareg evening in Djanet

Breakfast, we break camp and go to Djanet. Although it is a return, there will be extraordinary landscapes, stops for photos and a moment of reflection.
In the evening, we will have a special farewell dinner and Tuareg music!

Day 13. Djanet - Algiers

In the morning for a self-guided tour of Djanet and last-minute souvenir shopping. Transfer to the airport. At 3 p.m. flight to Algiers. On site around 6:30 PM. End of the trip.

Day 14. Algiers - home

Powrót do Warszawy.

1 Day    Tuareg Sebiba Festival


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2 300 EUR

Take just a little euro for your trip for personal expenses and souvenirs.

included in the price:
  • Visas
  • Flights in Algeria
  • All meals and accommodation
  • Attractions and introductions
  • Transport
  • Expedition equipment, including tents, mattresses, blankets
  • Guide, pilot, driver and cook
  • Insurance and premium TFG / TFP
  • Air tickets Warsaw - Algiers - Warsaw
  • Own expenses
  • Tips


Every good opinion is happy. And it adds enthusiasm.

Sahara expeditions in pictures

For several years, a very large album of photos and videos of expeditions to the Sahara has already been collected. Everyone brought memory cards packed to the brim just to take as much of this atmosphere and views as possible.

It's hard to share everyone here. It's hard to choose photos. We would always like to add something else.

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