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socotra expedition

Yemen | Socotra

17 days

Standard bivouac

10 persons

SOcOTRA - GALAPAGOS of the indian ocean

Massive mountains, deep gorges, flora and fauna unique in the world, turquoise sea full of dolphins and coral reefs: Yemeni Socotra seems to be a paradise that the world has forgotten. A paradise similar to the Galapagos, only ... without tourists.

Socotra is wild and beautiful. Until recently it was considered impossible to get here. But today it is waiting to be discovered.

17 days of adventure

Hurried travelers visit Socotra for a week. But they lose a lot. We'll see everything.

standard bivouac

Close to nature - accommodation in tents, in the wild, on the beach and at campsites. And a field kitchen.

unique nature

Unique species of plants and animals, wonderful landscapes like from another planet. UNESCO List.


The price already includes everything you need on site. Visas, hotels (including Abu Dhabi, guides and food.


There is only one asphalt road in Socotra (and it is short). To get to the most interesting places, we will use reliable Toyota Land Cruiser. Some mountain roads will make your heart beat faster, but it always turns out to be worth it. A great adventure awaits us!


Maximum program - without cursory viewing on the run, but actively and places that few reach. Lots of delight and memory cards crammed with photos - that's to be expected from a trip to Socotra.

Day 1. Abu Dhabi - meeting

We're meeting in Abu Dhabi. The beginning of the party. The next flight to Socotra is only in the morning, so we stay overnight at the hotel.

Day 2. Hadibo and Delisha Beach

We arrive in Socotra in the afternoon and drive to the hotel. Refreshed, we go to the Delisha beach with snow-white sand and marching crabs. You will relax by swimming in the sea or in the freshwater lagoon. For those she will still wear - climbing a huge dune overlooking the beach. Dinner on the beach. Overnight stay at a hotel.

Day 3. Homhill Plateau, Infinite Pool, Wadi Shifa and Arher

The Homhil Reserve is a picturesque plateau, covered with incense trees, dragon trees and bottle trees. We walk to a place called Infinite Pool - which clumsily can be translated as "infinite pool". It is a great vantage point and a natural swimming pool. We swim and admire the breathtaking view, go to Wadi Shifa and go to Arher Beach, where we spend the night under a great dune. There is a source of fresh water right next to it - you can take a bath here, after swimming in the sea. Overnight on the beach.

Day 4. We visit Hoq Cave and Irsal

In the village of Terbak, we start trekking to the Hoq Cave. After about an hour and a half, we will reach the cave entrance to spend about an hour inside. Hoq is the largest cave on the island. It amazes with the beauty and variety of rock forms. We will rest in Irsal. Overnight at Arher Beach.

Day 5. Dihamri Marine Reserve and Coral Reef

The Dihammri Marine Protected Area is inhabited by dozens of species of colorful sea creatures, making it one of the richest coral reefs in the archipelago. There will be snorkeling and diving lessons if you wish. Overnight at Dihammri Beach.

Day 6. Wadi Kalisan, Momi, Hadibo

We are moving deeper into the island again. Our destination is Momi and Wadi Kalisan, with fantastic pools of turquoise water carved by nature in almost white rocks. Overnight stay at a hotel.

Day 7. Qalansiyah fishing village and the fairy-tale Ditwah lagoon

The jump to the western end of the island will not take long - it is only several dozen kilometers. We reach the fishing village of Qalansiyah. Here, a walk along the shores of the fairy-tale Ditwah Lagoon awaits us. White sand shimmering in the sun, wonderful turquoise water, will turn this walk into an extraordinary adventure. And the sunset will delight everyone. We spend the night on the beach by the lagoon.

Day 8. Dolphins and the golden beach of Shouab - a sea adventure

In Qalansiyah, we jump into a boat and head to the golden Shouab beach. With a bit of luck, we'll see dolphins dancing in the water on the way. We will get there after about an hour. There will be time to swim, relax and enjoy this unspoiled place. Overnight at Shouab Beach.

Day 9. Dixam, Wadi Daerhu and the Firhmin: the dragon blood tree forest

On this day, we are going towards the southern coast of the island, to the Indian Ocean. With our off-road vehicles (an ordinary car will not get here) we will reach the largest forest of dragon trees in Firhmin. The day will be full of amazing landscapes of hills covered with dragon trees and the monumental Wadi Daerhu Canyon. We will also visit a small village to admire the plantation of small dragon trees. Overnight in the wild in a dragon tree forest.

Day 10. Indian Ocean and Aomak Beach

Still heading south, but on this day we will reach the Aomak beach, by the Indian Ocean. Clean sand, palm groves and a rustling ocean. Overnight at Aomak Beach.

Day 11. Zahik Dunes, Dogub Cave and Wadi Dufarhu

The day begins with visits to the picturesque Zahik dunes. It's a short walk and certainly a lot of photos. Then we will take a look at the Dogub cave, also interesting, but more accessible than Hoq. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 12. Haghier Mountains

Haghier is a chain of mountains that are located in the central part of the island and are considered the highest mountains on the island (1,500 m above sea level). Overnight in Adhu di Mala, a small, unknown village.

Day 13. Trekking Firrah

Another day in the mountains and again actively. We will choose the route according to the preferences and possibilities of the group. Overnight Adhu Dimala

Day 14. Hadibo and relax on the Delisha beach

We're coming down from the mountains, but it's not coming home yet. Another adventure awaits us the next day. Overnight at Delisha Beach.

Day 15. Wadi Ayhaft

Ayhaft Canyon is the closest to the capital. Provides one unforgettable views and 4x4 travel adventure. We'll look for chameleons by the stream, where we'll have dinner. A day to relax and unwind. Last shopping in Hadibo. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 16. Departure to Abu Dhabi

Poranek w Hadibo i ruszamy na lotnisko. Wylatujemy do Abu Zabi. Tu czeka nas nocleg i wylot do Polski następnego dnia.

Day 17. Departure back home

End of the trip. This time we are flying almost directly to Poland.
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- SHORT VIDEO report

The film does not reflect the amazing atmosphere of Socotra, seducing the landscapes and the uniqueness of the local nature. Maybe, however, it will show a bit of an adventure experienced by the participants of the expedition.


3 500 USD

+ international flight tickets

included in the price
  • Yemeni visa,
  • Meals and accommodation,
  • Hotel in Abu Dhabi x 2 nights,
  • Transport on site,
  • Attractions and introductions,
  • Expedition equipment,
  • Guide, pilot, drivers, cook,
  • NNW and KL insurance,
  • Contribution of TFG / TFP.
  • Flight tickets to Socotra,
  • Personal expenses,
  • Tips.

dates and booking

Choose a convenient date for you and send us a reservation. We will call you back with details.

November 2022
7 - 21 November 2022

3 500 USD
per person

    Available: 8
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january 2023
15 - 31 January 2023

3 600 USD
per person

    Available: 2
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